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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Mindset

Feeling stuck? Try these mindset upgrades I use to keep myself moving forward.

Reviewing my Goals for 2020 & What Went Wrong

I started 2020 with goals I wanted to achieve. Let's review them and discuss what went wrong.

How to Remember Things People Tell You - My Interactions Calendar

Have trouble remembering things people tell you? In this episode I discuss my Interactions Calendar and how I use it to help me remember everything.

How to Finish Your Tasks Every Day!

A three-step process to Finishing your tasks every day and becoming a GTD pro!

The 3 Best Methods for Task Management

Looking for a new task management system? Let's break down the three best from simple to more complex.

7 Things That Are Major Productivity Killers

These 7 things kill productivity. Let's talk about how to cure them.

GTD Tips and How I Use Notion to Get More Done Every Day!

Get more done daily and take back your wasted time.

How to Have a Productive Weekend - My Weekend Mindset

Tips on how to have a more productive weekend.

How to Manage Freelance Client Projects & Tasks - Freelancing & Notion Tutorial

Managing clients, projects, and tasks as a freelancer can be tough. Here is my method.

Working From Home: 10 Productivity Tips

Struggling to be productive while working from home? Here's 10 Tips for you.

5 Things You Can Do While Social Distancing

Social Distancing will slow the spread of COVID-19 but for many of us, that means staying home and being less social. Here are 5 things you can do while social distanc...

This Is The Time to Grow!

Things are not normal, but that can be a good thing. Let's use this time to grow.

How to Overcome Destructive Habits

Some tips on overcoming destructive habits and how to find help.

Feeling Lost? What To Do If You Haven’t Got Your Life All Figured Out Yet

I think we all have moments where we feel behind or a bit lost.

How I'm Using Notion - 3 Months Later

I've been using Notion for over 3 months now and my process for using the app has completely changed.

5 Intermittent Fasting Tips for Weight Loss Success

I've struggled to lose weight for over a decade. Through Intermittent Fasting and lifestyle changes, I have lost over 35lbs. Here's how I did it.

How to Come Up With Ideas for YouTube Videos & Podcast Episodes

Tools and methods for generating new topic ideas for your YouTube channel, Podcast, or Blog.

What I Look For In A Camera - Tips for Choosing a Camera that Fits Your Needs!

As a photographer, I get asked about cameras quite often so I thought I would discuss what I look for in a camera.

How to Find Your Voice - Building Confidence & Developing Your Mission

Creatives often struggle with finding their voice. In this episode, Jerad breaks down how to develop a voice that is based on your personal truth.

5 Habits I Changed to Lose 35 lbs

Weight loss is hard, I discovered some habits that I needed to create and others that were holding me back.

How Stay Motivated All Year - Keep Resolutions & Achieve Goals

How to maintain a level of motivation to keep you productive throughout the year.

Notion vs Todoist - Which is Better for Task Management?

Notion vs Todoist, let's talk about which is the better task manager based on what it offers.

How To Establish Credibility as a New Business

Starting a new business but afraid people won't take you seriously? This is your episode!

End Procrastination with the 5-Minute Rule

Stop procrastinating right away by using the 5-Minute Rule!

5 Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs - Be Productive, Get Things Done, Success Tips

How to be a more productive entrepreneur to achieve your goals and get more done.

5 Tough Life Lessons My 30's Taught Me

Sharing some of the most important lessons I learned in my 30's.

7 Practices For Developing the Self-Discipline Habit

7 practices to help you become a more self-disciplined person.

20 years Ago, I Quit - My 20+ Year Journey of Entrepreneurship

My journey of entrepreneurship from dropping out of college to now.

20,000+ Steps Every Day for a Month - Here's What Happened

I took 20,000+ steps for 30-days, here's what happened.

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